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Governing body of ICDO consists of 10 active and highly experienced and qualified rural development professionals with 5 male and 2 female members.

The 3 governing body members are full time active working executives of the

Organization. Governing body members are having 10– 25 years experience in the development field with national and international exposures. 3 of 11 members are having hand in experience in working with international donor organizations.

The geographical experiences of these members from overall Pakistan, members are from the field of Shelter, food security, Watershed management; M&E and MIS development; Gender Equity; Community Health and Child Survival; Legal aid services; large NGO program management; financial management; networking and capacity building positions from various technical backgrounds i.e. agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, besides subject matter specialists on micro finance, rehabilitation, nutrition and community health management. Personal management and M&E, gender equity and justice issues.

ICDO has a group of 4 field executives in 4 clusters. In the front line, for the projects initiated for direct implementation in the field, ICDO has a group of 08 paid field workers active in the field.

Each Sector has a sect oral leader i.e. Health, Livelihood, Child protection, Micro finance. These sect oral leaders report to Chief Executive Officer is also the President of the Organization,

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the facilitation of organizational growth as a team leader and participates in project and HRD planning, monitoring/MIS development and represent organization. He is instrumental in policy advocacy and liaison; agency policy and strategy change management and head the project quality development cell.

District Overview:

Naushahro Feroze District is a district in the province of Sindh, Pakistan.

It has 5 Taluka & 65 Union Councils, according to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1,087,571 out of which 17.32% were urban.

The district is located at 26°50’0N 68°7’0E with an altitude of 38 meters (127 feet).

The area of Naushahro Feroze is 2.946 square kilometers with population of 1,087,571 where 568,574 are males and 518,997 are females.

The population growth rate 1.61, and the literacy rate is 39.14%. There are no universities located in this district.

The number of Primary Schools in Naushahro Feroze  is 2028 and number of Secondary Schools is 64.

There are two Taluka hospitals in the area.

Bharia Foundation College is located in Naushahro  Feroze.


Ghullam Murtaza Arain