Agriculture Program

Agri import program

After Flood water crossed, on rehabilitation of Flood affected, ICDO with the support of OCT; provided seeds to the small growers in UC Fatoo Bilal & Lalya. Up to; 800 hundred small growers were provided seeds in the villages.

After flood, on rehabilitation projects were started by ICDO.

This project is collaborated by Orangi charitable trust (OCT). In this project ICDO supported 800 farmers of low level, assessed the seed and fertilizer for rehabilitation of their lost crop.

With regard to this project on 24th January 2011, Harri Conference was situated by (ICDO).

 Aim of this conference is to rehabilitate the flood affected Farmers of Taluka Moro District Noushero Feroze 

 900 formers attended the conference and share their ideas with the Executive Director Ghullam Murtaza (ICDO),they shared that they have completely lost their crops by flood ,in kind of crop is , Sugar Cane ,Maze  etc , 

At least 30000 affected farmers were found in survey of ICDO, most affected are selected by ICDO and distributed the seed and fertilizer for renew their crops, to up lift their lost crop,

 Indus Community Development Organization (ICDO) provided the Seed ,DAP and Angro in 800 Flood  Affected Formers of District Noushero Feroze