In 2003 with co-operation with Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCREAT), ICDO introduces Bio Gas for safe and clean environment in villages of Taluka Moro district Naushahro Feroze, and also established 50 Bio Gas plants in the Villages.

Biogas systems use bacteria to break down wet organic matter like animal dung, human sewage or food waste. This produces biogas, which is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, and also a semi-solid residue. The biogas is used as a fuel for cooking, lighting or generating electricity. Using biogas can save the labor of gathering and using wood for cooking, minimize harmful smoke in homes, and cut deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas plants can also improve sanitation, and the residue is useful as a fertilizer.

 Proper training as how to generate energy was provided to the villagers. 50 villages resulted in saving of the plants (trees).

Not this only but also introduced the Smoke less stove for smoke less cooking in the villages and training as how to use the stove for smoke less cooking.

And 1000 plants were distributed in the village Malik Village Bacho macchi Village Lighari Bijrani and Village Ismail Korai Village Raju Dero, Village Soomar Macchi and other villages of Taluka Moro District Naushero Feroze