Flood Rehabilitation Program 

After flood water crossed, on rehabilitation project is started by ICDO with collaboration of Orange Pilot Project & Research Training Institute (OPP/RTI).

A Major need is found after flood in villages that they have divested their houses in flood water, so OPP/RTI’s Director Madam Parveen has visited with ICDO’s Executive director Ghullam Murtaza, in villages of Taluka Moro district Noushero Feroze, and launched on rehabilitation a Roof Project was started in October 2010,and ended in February 2011. In this project the 600 families were assessed by Roof for their new rebuild houses, In village Lighari Bijrani, Village Malik, Village Dittal Korai, Village Baccho Macchi,and Different villages of U/C Lalya & U/C Fatoo Balal of Taluka Moro District Noushero Feroze .  

ICDO Distributed NFI goods among more than 800 households. The ICDO team initially did assessment and then distributes NFI goods. Most of the NFI good was distributed among girl children and widows. To make the proper distribution phenomenon out survey team assessed door to door and family to family.

In NFI goods ICDO distribute Jerry cane, Bladder tanks, Aqua Tabs, Cloths, Hygiene kits, blankets and shelter repair kits