ICDO implement project on women health project, support by Asian bank and Sindh government, during this project conducted awareness seminar about women health and new born baby’s health care.

Trained Traditional Birth Attained (TBA)’s were trained.

ICDO; conducted annual seminars in collaboration with women health project (Sindh); giving awareness especially to women regarding gynecology and the importance of mothers’ health on the child. Approximately fifteen hundred males and females were educated through this program.

ORS Awareness & Training environment

Female staff of ICDO attempted an awareness and training programs in the

 Village Lighari Bijrani, Village Ismail Korai , Village Ahmdani Lighari Village chuuto Macchi, village Malik and other village of Moro relating ORS. 1 thousand women of various villages of taluka Moro District Naushero feroze were benefitted through this training program.


  • Reduce MMR in the rural areas
  • Improved women health status in the District
  • Educated the rural community on health problems through health awareness sessions
  • Overcame  a large number of hygienic related health hazards