Micro Credit Project

ICDO started its Micro Credit Program in 2005 in collaboration of Orangi Charitable Trust (OCT). The projects purpose is to up- lift the people living in the villages through partnership by providing the line of credit at simple and on easy conditions.

This project covers 12 UC’s of Taluka Moro, supporting with 5 members of the selection committee working at UC level.

Live Stock Loan:

ICDO loaning on Live Stock in Taluka Moro District Naushahro  Feroze , in this regard ICDO loaning for 8 Months  for Live stock holders  they can buy the Live stock from our loan amount and they should return after the sale of live stock, experienced live stock holders are illegible for this loan. At this time, disbursed amount is 40 millions, 2400 clients were being ICDO’s loaners from U/C Gachero, Fatoo Balal, U/C Lalya, and U/C Dars of Taluka Moro

Agricultural Loan 

ICDO loaning on Agriculture for 6 months of period, in this kind of loan ICDO verifying and providing the seed and fertilizer to growers for crops and after completing crops, they can return the loan amount easily. At this time, ICDO provided loan to the 1700 farmers of U/C Old Gachero, U/C Dars, U/C Manahi,U/C Lalya & U/C Fatoo Balal  of Taluka Moro

Enterprises Loan

ICDO loaning to small businessman’s and shop keepers like  Kiryana Store, Karakari Shop, fruit shop, vegetable shop, cloth shop, shoes shop, general store, book store, cilayee centre , beauty parlor , meat shop, Medical store, Mobile shop, and electric shop, video center, etc in  Moro City with12 easy monthly installs, at this time  30 millions disbursed in 1500 clients.


Currently ICDO supporting to the small business and low income generation activates through Micro credit, at this time 7200 borrowers have been benefited by the ICDO’s Micro Credit Program, in respective fields and trades in Taluka Moro district Naushero Feroze.

Not his only but ICDO trained many students in the Microfinance and banking sector, achievement is this , that many trained students are doing jobs in different banks, like Sindh bank, Bank Al-Habib , National Bank Of Pakistan, United Bank Limited and Tameer microfinance Bank and Allied Bank Limited.

Case Studies :

  1. Mir Hassan (A Shop Keeper)

Mir Hassan a man struggling to provide a better future  for his family took a loan from ICDO. At that time he had  the ambition to expand his business to a level that would  provide him with an opportunity to give his children a quality   life that they were deprived of due to limited financial resources. With a small Kiryana shop at Gachero Road Moro, and a minimal  inventory, Mir Hassan started his journey with ICDO. He took  a loan of Rs. 10,000 in the first year and was able to increase his sales tremendously. Today Mir Hassan is in his 3rd loan cycle  and has taken a loan amount of Rs.30,000 which has enabled him to increase his inventory to Rs. 40,000. According to Mir Hassan, ICDO helped him

  • 2.  Carpenter Saleem Raza

A carpenter by profession Mr. Saleem Raza has a minimal income from his shop because he has no  money for purchase the raw material of wood for  the work, Saleem Raza took the loan of 10,000   from ICDO and he purchased the raw material and  he started his work and increased his income, now  his financial condition is good before then, and he  says : I have designed the tables, chairs, showcase and cradles from the raw material who is purchased by the ICDO’s Loan. “I was able to make Rs 20,000 from the timely availability of Rs 10,000, I am extremely grateful to ICDO