About Us

ICDO considers sustainable development to be the only solution for the betterment of the society and the people of District Naushahro Feroze. This will be achieved by instigating economic activity in the region, providing access to universal education and addressing all related issues contributing towards poverty in the communities.

The essence of social betterment is to be achieved through focusing on underprivileged families by guiding them to work towards their own economic prosperity and identifying gaps in communal surroundings for the collective uplift of that society. Our work does not only focus on identifying gaps that bring about social change but we also focus on developing projects and providing the right tools to harness such change.

We have ongoing projects for the improvement of livelihoods through food security livelihood (FSL) and agriculture through skill development in the rural areas of District Naushahro  Feroze. We also aspire to pursue community development projects focusing on the availability of clean water, health care, education and the use of solar power, wind and bio gas etc, and help provide the basic necessities of life thus improving the lives of the poor and raise their standards of living.

 ICDO Team has experience of installation of the Energy conservation (Bio-gas Plants) due to experience gained during the tenure of work on projects with PCRET Our team expertise of trained staff well known for installation of bio-gas plants. However ICDO wishes to have an exposure of developing countries like India, Nepal or Bangladesh.

ICDO came into being  improving life standards of poor communities through increasing adult literacy rate and striving to stop illiteracy by providing education to school age children through formal and informal approach. ICDO is also committed to support schools and various other organizations in advisory for education i.e. books, training’s and technical assistance. ICDO’s team is fully supporting women and children’s rights, for this purpose capacitance NGOs in establishing an effective child protection centers and promoting awareness through activities and curriculum. ICDO is also very active in disaster relief and has a large network of sixty volunteers in district Naushahro Feroze